Oceans '23
May 19th - May 21st
Fort Caswell 

Cape Fear,Fort Caswell, NC &
waters at
Oceans '23
Sea Kayaking Instruction, Salt Marsh Paddling, Ocean Paddling, Staying with friends in a climate controlled cottage at historic Fort Caswell
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Welcome to the Oceans event site. Oceans '23 will take place from Fort Caswell, Southport, NC. We will be staying at Fort Caswell in climate-controlled Sandpiper Cottage. Whatever your current comfort level, a regular ocean sea kayak surfer, or if you are simply aspiring to become a more competent sea kayaker able to handle a wider range of conditions, this event is for you. We will have the ability to keep you in protected flatwater to match your development level, introduce folks to smaller waves inside the mouth of the Cape Fear River, or venture out onto the Atlantic Ocean. As always, the weather controls the ocean's moods, so we don't know exactly what that will look like until we're standing on the beach. Groups will be divided, and go out with instructors based upon their skill levels and interests. 

Accomodations:  We will be staying in climate-controlled Sandpiper Cottage at Fort Caswell. It is a beautiful location at the end of Oak Island, with the Elizabeth River on the north side, flowing into the Cape Fear River along the east side, flowing into the Atlantic Ocean on the south side.  Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Meals: Supper on Friday night and Saturday night will be provided.  There will be vegetarian options. 

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32.7347° N 

79.9900° W

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